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Do you often ask the question “How do you make your child do what you want?" Are you a parent who is concerned about your child/children and want  to find new ways to manage their behaviour?  If your child regularly displays extremely disruptive behaviour you will undoubtedly feel exhausted, defeated and hopeless.

Understanding your child and building a better relationship with them can often help with their disruptive behaviour.  Here at The Hampton Trust we work with parents  like you,whose children are exhibiting challenging behaviour, to build positive relationships, increase your confidence as a parent and help you to boost your childs self confidence.  We also have programmes available to help and support your child throughout this difficult time.

Incredible Years Parenting Programme

This parenting programme focuses  on helping you to build positive and close relationships with your  child who is aged between 2-12 years old through constructive play times, giving effective praise and rewards, and reducing criticism and unnecessary commands.


If you are a parent of a teenager aged 13-19 then SPOT is the programme designed to help you build confidence, develop parenting skills, understanding the teenager, dealing with conflict and managing change.


If your child is aged 8-12 then Turnaround is a programme designed to help your child. Turnaround aims to provide a supportive safe environment for your child to come and share their experiences with others and to build new friendships and confidence.

The ECO Project

Based on the Isle of Wight our ECO Therapy Centre is designed to help your child aged 12-19 learn about eco for life skills.  Your child will be encouraged to take part in 12 specially designed workshops to help them learn about what natural resources are available on the island with a view to support local community projects across the Isle of Wight at the end of the project.

Mentoring and Befriending

This specially designed programme for 12-19 year olds will help develop your child’s skills in socializing, health and fitness, environmental awareness and natural resources, one to one mentoring and training such as anger management or safe working practices.