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We passed our Respect Accreditation

Great News:

We passed our Respect Accreditation Standard (2nd edition) for our ADAPT Integrated Safety Services Programme. 

The Respect Accreditation is designed to provide a recognised framework for delivery of domestic violence prevention programmes and integrated safety services. It also provides assurance to members of the public, funders and other professionals that we deliver a high quality and safety focused service.

In order for us to pass this accreditation we had to demonstrate that we provide a service that embodies the following (as outlined by Respect):

1: Increasing safety

The primary function of the service is to increase the safety of and those at risk of experiencing domestic violence.

This will include the provision of information and support to victims of abuse in order to empower them and to develop their ability to increase their own and their children‟s safety.

2: Accessing and managing risk

ADAPT will identify and understand risk in relation to domestic violence and communicate this effectively with other professionals in order to contribute to the management of domestic violence risks.

3: Co-ordinated community response

ADAPT will contribute to the development of a co-ordinated community response to domestic violence. This will include advocating that responses to domestic violence both prioritise the safety of those at risk and hold perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for their behaviour.

4: Provide services which understand and respond to the needs of a diverse community and equal access to services.

ADAPT will be actively engaged in identifying the needs of the community in which they work in regards to domestic violence. From this understanding, organisations take steps to provide services that respect the diversity of the community in which they work and to ensure that clients are supported to access its services on an equitable basis.

5: Promote respectful relationships

ADAPT will promote the principle that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and they will specifically provide interventions which challenge, support and encourage perpetrators of domestic violence to engage in respectful relationships.


6: Promoting accountability

ADAPT will provide services which have strong mechanisms in place to ensure internal, external accountability and transparency. This must include the involvement survivors of domestic violence in the development and review of the services.

7: Social change

ADAPT will be working to develop and promote wider social changes that would support a community - wide intolerance of violence against women.

To work in a way that recognises the nature, prevalence, incidence, dynamics and effects of domestic violence.

8: Highly competent response

ADAPT will be working to ensure that its staff provide a highly competent, professional, informed response to members of the public and other professionals.


Click here for more information about the Respect Accreditation