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New SAFE Programme

The Hampton Trust is proud to announce that we have received funding from The Blagrave Trust to support adoptive families who and are facing family breakdown. This is in recognition of the impact of traumatic experiences on adopted young people in early life which can cause particular problems such as risk taking behaviour and aggression when living in their adoptive homes.

SAFE includes a programme of group work support for the adopted young people to build their understanding of the links between their early life experiences and their feelings and actions in their new homes and alongside this a programme of support for the parents of the adopted child that will increase their understanding of the impact of early life trauma on their adopted family member.

The group work will provide a supportive and relaxed environment where the young person can discuss their life experiences with other young people that have been through similar experiences. We will then discuss how these experiences have impacted on their feelings and behaviour.

The adoptive parent workshops will focus on the affects domestic abuse and other childhood trauma on young people.

Programme’s manager of the Hampton Trust, Karen Jordan said

“We are very pleased to be given this opportunity to work with adopted young people and their families. We understand that the teenage years of adopted children is a very challenging time and we would like to provide them with this much needed support”

The Hampton Trust is now taking referrals for young people and families that would benefit from the SAFE programme.

“I would love to have been born to mum” (referring to his adoptive mum) If I could know what’s real, what happened for real, I’d know. Get rid of my scars, or at least know where they came from” David, adoptee aged 19.


If you have any questions please contact Toby Eaglen on 02380001061 or email him on: