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The ADAPT programme aims to help participants stop abusive behaviour towards their loved ones.

The Hampton Trust previously ran domestic abuse programmes for the Probation Service across Hampshire aimed at court mandated men.  It was delivered in various parts of the county for nearly ten years until Probation introduced their own IDAP programme.

The Hampton Trust recognised their ten years experience in the delivery of domestic abuse perpetrator programmes and built on this to develop both self-referral and client specific programmes.  This marked a renaming of the programme to ADAPT.

Essential to the ADAPT 25-week programme is the Women’s Safety Service which is a service aimed at supporting and risk assessing women whose partners and (ex) partners are on the programme.

Who is it for:
ADAPT is for 18+ men who want to change their abusive behaviour towards a partner. The programme takes place with other men in a similar situation.

Course Length:
25 weeks

Each Session Length:
2 hours

Where is it held?
Across Hampshire and the Channel Islands

Please note:

All Children's Services referrals must be made by a Social Worker following discussion with the proposed ADAPT candidate. It is important that we obtain full details of Children's Services involvement prior to a suitability assessment, therefore we will not accept self referrals in this instance.

ADAPT Referral Form (Hants & IOW)

To self refer, or someone you know, then please fill out our online Referral Form

Click here for our online referral form

How to get a place

You can either self-refer or be referred by an agency such as Cafcass or Social Services.

Click here for details

Participant Comments

Read live quotes from participants of our ADAPT programme.

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Participant Testimonials

Read testimonials from previous participants of our ADAPT programme.

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