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The Domestic Abuse Prevention Partnership (DAPP) has been commissioned by Hampshire County Council, Southampton City Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to develop a Hampshire wide approach to better identify and assess perpetrators and introduce a wider range of support interventions. DAPP aims to achieve a sustainable county-wide response to engaging domestic abuse perpetrators, reducing risk to victims and thus improving long term outcomes for children.


Who is it for:

DAPP is for 18+ individuals who want to change their abusive behaviour towards a partner. The programme takes place with other individuals in a similar situation in a group setting. We also have an integrated safety service running alongside the programme to support partners and ex partners of the individuals on our programmes.

Course Length:
Minimum of 7 sessions + (various modules tailored to individual needs)

Each Session Length:
2 1/4 hours

Where is it held?
Across Hampshire and Southampton

Please note:

All Children's Services referrals must be made by a Social Worker following discussion with the DAPP team. It is important that we obtain full details of Children's Services involvement prior to a suitability assessment, therefore we will not accept self referrals in this instance.

How to get a place

For more information on how to apply for a place on our DAPP Interventions please visit this page.

How to get a place