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What is involved?

The ISVA can support you in a number of ways:-

To help you decide if you wish to report to the police and give you information about the legal process and your rights.

If you have made a report to the police the ISVA will support you in all stages of the legal process. If your case goes to court the ISVA can be with you when you give evidence.

You can be assisted with contact with the police and prosecution service.

To work with you if you do not wish to report to the police but need help identifying what support you may need. The ISVA will help you to access that support. You will have the opportunity to talk about your situation in a safe space.

You will be listened to, helped to find out what your needs are and assisted to gain support from other agencies. 

You will be helped to identify what kind of support (if any) you require. The ISVA has links with services across The Isle of Wight and will help you to access these services.

The service is confidential and your details will only be shared in the following circumstances:-

  • Where you give consent for the confidence to be broken.
  • ISVA notes maybe required in court.
  • Where the information indicates that there is a significant risk of significant harm to you or someone else and telling someone would make a difference.
You can contact Jayne, The Hampton Trust ISVA on 07930932249 or email 

Please tell us if it is safe to leave a message on the number you provided or with someone you live with. The ISVA will ring you ASAP. The ISVA can see you  at a mutually agreed time and venue on the island.