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Positive feedback from a young person involved with LINX

We value your opinions and love to hear your views on your LINX experience.  Please read below positive feedback from a young people involved with our LINX Programme:

'I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with this cohort of young people.

I dropped X and X home after the celebratory session and they were really positive about the programme and their experiences. They were sad to see it end.

X stated that she has not been so angry since starting LINX and X said that every time she has started to get really angry she has managed to control it by using some of the techniques she has learnt. She said that she would usually have punched someone but realises now that they are not worth it and on these occasions has walked away. (She talked about realising her own self worth as well as controlling her response).

X stated that although she liked her YOT officer, she sometimes found YOT sessions boring.  She acknowledged that they are not meant to be enjoyable, she said she got easily distracted, didn’t want to open up and it was an effort to come. She also said it was dull because she had been with YOT before. However, she said she felt she had learnt a lot through the games and group exercises on LINX which she said felt fun and were a laugh and she forgot she was doing a YOT session. She commented that it helped everything we discussed to sink in because she was interested and engaged. I thanked her for voluntarily coming after her order had ended. We discussed her goals and college course and she mentioned that she knows she must keep attending and keep out of trouble because she does not want to see what is behind that wall (so she did remember it!). She was so chatty on the way home and thanked us all for helping her.'

Hampshire YOT Officer

n.b Names have been replaced with an 'X' to keep the identity of the young person hidden.