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Using the internet safely and securely

Hiding the page you were on is a quick and easy way to prevent someone from seeing what you were viewing at that moment. However, it does not hide your full browsing history from others. If you are concerned over your privacy and would like to know more about how to keep your browsing history private, follow the link below to see our guide to safe and secure browsing.

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Worrying rise in young people performing violent sex offenses

In the news recently they spoke about an ‘increase in young people perpetrating sexually violent offenses against one and other’.

The generation of young people (YP) that we are working with on LINX have greater access to smart phones, internet and social networking sites, where they can easily access explicit pornographic materials (even if safety precautions are on the internet at home, you cannot control what is shared between friends). The overall awareness of sexualized behaviours and violence is now greater than it ever has been.

In LINX we have seen many cases where YP have exposed themselves over the internet, shared sensitive files with each other and ultimately been sexually exploited by their peers.

Every day we are tackling this issue and aim to educate YP about sexual violence and the impact it has on victims. LINX teaches YP sexual respect, sexual exploitation, consensual sex , empathy and how to safeguard yourself online. We also share the following LINK with YP to demonstrate how important it is to stay safe online.

Act now and contact your local LINX Coordinator to continue to raise awareness and reduce risk for YP.