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What is SAFE?

SAFE is a 12-week programme to support young people between 12 and 18 who have been adopted. It:

  • helps the young person to understand how their previous life experiences have impacted on their feelings and behaviour
  • provides the opportunity to discuss their feelings around adoption
  • encourages the development of empathy to understand the feelings of others
  • is delivered in a fun and interactive way that uses games and activities to generate discussion.

How will it help me as a young person?

  • It will give you the time and space to discuss any issues or problems you may have with other young people that share similar experiences.
  • You will make new friends and gain confidence.
  • It will improve your communication skills and strengthen your relationships.
  • You will have fun and feel listened to.
  • You will have a greater understanding on how your behaviour has an impact on you and other people around you.

Key areas covered

  • Dreams and aspirations
  • Team building
  • Positive communication
  • Anger management
  • Positive relationships
  • Peer pressure and victim empathy
  • Self-esteem and goal setting
  • Safety and support

Parent workshops

SAFE also includes parent workshops on the topics below:

  • Childhood trauma awareness
  • Understanding the impact of trauma in childhood
  • How SAFE helps young people 

How to refer onto SAFE

We can accept self referrals and referrals from any agency working with adopted young people.

Please click here to download the referral form: Safe Referral Form

Completed referrals can be sent to:

For further information please contact Karen Jordan on 07779 999945


"I wanted to write to let you know the impact the 'SAFE' project has had on a child at our school. Since the child has been involved in the project we have seen a significant difference in her behaviour and resilience around school. She is happier and more sociable with her peers and whereas in the past she would have got into trouble for inappropriate behaviour or hurting others, we have seen none of that since being on the project. In the past her carer would catch me regularly about issues at home, but again, since having someone working with her, her carer has not been to see me at all and seems much more relaxed and happy"