Domestic Violence Prevention Programmes

We deliver a range of interventions to individuals who are being abusive in their intimate relationships and want to get help to change. These services are delivered across Hampshire, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Domestic Violence Prevention Programmes (DVPPs) have traditionally only worked with males and adopted a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Since 2016 we have expanded our model to work with all individuals showing signs of being abusive in their relationships. We have developed partnerships with Aurora New Dawn and Baseline Connections to develop new strands of the service. Aurora New Dawn host the Serial Priority Perpetrator Coordinator and Baseline Connections deliver some of the Assertive Outreach to clients with multiple and complex needs. This work has been evaluated by Southampton University under the Domestic Abuse Prevention Partnership.  This evaluation is available here.

We take both self and agency referrals for all adults aged over 16 years old regardless of gender. We embed behaviour change by provision of holistic services that include integrated care pathways and age appropriate interventions to ‘skill build’ clients. Robust assessment ensures clients are matched to suitable interventions which include:

Assertive Outreach

For those not ready to engage in behaviour change due to complex needs. We engage clients to address vulnerabilities that can hinder sustained behaviour change. Individuals are supported to access specialist services such as mental health, substance misuse and housing. Following ongoing assessment clients can progress to behaviour change work. Baseline Connections deliver the Assertive Outreach alongside The Hampton Trust Specialist Practitioners.

Individual Sessions

For those not suitable for group work due to a range of issues, (i.e. learning disability, language barriers, female referrals too low for group work) we provide individual sessions to address behaviour change. We engage females who are being abusive in their intimate relationships by offering a gender informed approach to address vulnerabilities unique to females.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Raising Workshops

For those not suitable for ADAPT due to high levels of minimization, denial and blame. Placing clients on a group work programme can increase risk. We offer extended opportunities to raise awareness of abusive behaviour and assess risk by delivering domestic abuse workshops. Upon completion and following ongoing assessment clients can progress to ADAPT.

ADAPT (Accredited Domestic Abuse Prevention Training)

Our domestic violence prevention programme is a 20-week group work modular programme where individuals can join at the start of a new module to prevent long waiting lists. We use a range of techniques such as trauma informed, strengths based, cognitive behavioural and motivational interviewing to engage individuals to reflect on their abusive behaviour and make sustained changes.


Throughout the intervention process clients are able to access dedicated Mentors who can support them through their time with The Hampton Trust. Our mentoring service provides regular calls to all clients and can be accessed even after the intervention has been completed. Mentors are contactable all year round.

Integrated Victim Safety Service

All referrals to the service must be willing to provide details of their current and/or ex-partner. The Domestic Abuse Safety Advisor (DASA) will then make contact with the victim/survivor for the purposes of monitoring safety. This enables all (ex) partners to explore signposting options, safety advice and gain emotional and practical support specific to their circumstances.

The Hampton Trust is Respect Accredited which ensures a holistic approach where the victim/survivor services are at the heart of practice and priority is given to risk management which compliments robust safeguarding measures that are outward facing, and sit within a wider community response.

Risk Management

There are individuals who are referred to the service and do not engage. Sometimes we identify that change is not always possible, and here we switch focus to risk management and disrupting capacity to cause further harm.

Serial/Priority Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Coordinator.

The Serial Priority Perpetrator Coordinator (SPPC) is hosted by Aurora New Dawn and based in the Hampshire Constabulary Offender Management Hub and MASH teams. This role has made a significant impact in identifying repeat and high risk domestic abuse offenders. We have introduced the Priority Perpetrator Information Toolkit (PPIT) as a tool to identify repeat/high risk offenders and to share intelligence for the purposes of tracking/disruption and prevention of repeat offending. This post is the first of its type nationally and we are immensely proud of the ground breaking work we are progressing with Aurora New Dawn. An evaluation has been published by Cardiff University.  A link to this evaluation is here.

Where do we work?

Following the receipt of a referral, contact will be made to arrange an assessment interview (approximately 2 hours).  This will be during office hours at a suitable location.  At the end of the assessment, we will suggest the most appropriate pathway from the range of interventions detailed above.  Our ADAPT groups run at the following locations:

Eastleigh – Tuesday evenings 18.15 to 20.15.

Havant – Tuesday evenings from 18.15 to 20.15.

Basingstoke – Thursday evenings from 18.15 to 20.15.

Other interventions will be delivered in an agreed location.

How to refer?

To make a referral for yourself or a client, please complete the fields below. It is important to note the following:-

  • We cannot accept a referral for anyone who has an outstanding criminal charge.
  • We cannot accept a referral for anyone who has a Court Order with a requirement to complete Building Better Relationships with Probation.
  • All individuals being referred need to be available to attend a two hour appointment during office hours.
  • All referrals are made with the acknowledgement that The Hampton Trust will make contact with the partner/ex-partner of the person being referred.

Not sure where to turn?

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