Hampshire Constabulary are leading Project Gateway as a pilot in Southampton. It is a culture changing initiative, responding to young adults (18-24yrs) involved in the criminal justice system by offering alternative interventions to support desistence and improve long term life chances.

The programme is designed to respond holistically to the needs of young adults, achieved through engagement and identification of the critical pathways of need for each individual. As a credible alternative to prosecution skilled practitioners assess young adults to identify appropriate support. Gateway Navigators individually case hold young adults to optimise engagement and support referral pathways into other services. Designed to provides an alternative to prosecution by way of a conditional caution, conditions of the caution include:

  •  Engagement with a Gateway Navigator
  •  Attendance at two LINX 5 hour workshops
  • Not to re-offend during the 16-week conditional caution period

We have adapted the original LINX programme and designed a new Empathy Wall to specifically address the 9 pathways to prevent re-offending. The two LINX workshops are designed to allow participants the opportunity to reflect on their offending behaviour and identify strategies for desistance from crime and to live a life free from offending


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