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Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Hampton Trust

They use their skills to the advantage of the families, children and young people they are supporting, encouraging them to complete agreed goals, address the issues they face and access activities and parenting courses. A volunteers’ greatest reward is to see the life of the family, child or young person they are working with transformed and despair replaced by hope, ambition and trust.

The Hampton Trust recognises the value of the volunteers involved in the work and strives to support them in every way possible through supervision and on going training. Our Youth and Parenting programmes have gained recognition from various statutory agencies and schools for good practice and life changing achievements. The success of these programmes is due to the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. There is a growing recognition by the government of the value of good parenting and one to one support to families, children and young people and the potential for this kind of early intervention to help prevent family breakdown, social isolation and potential entry into the criminal justice system.

These are just some of the comments made by volunteers….

“It’s very satisfying”
“It’s great to see the changes in the young person”
“It takes time to build trust with the young person, but once this is in place
then issues can be dealt with easier”
“I know that I am making a difference”

All potential volunteers who apply to the Trust are interviewed and assessed throughout the training programme and are subject to an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check.

Whilst we welcome Volunteer applications from all quarters of the community and we value the passion and expertise that volunteers bring to the trust we also reserve the right to deselect a volunteer at any time. This will be at the discretion of the Volunteer Manager  and forms part of our adherence to our duty of care to our service users and other team members.

Volunteers make a difference, change lives and raise hope and ambition for the most vulnerable.

Please click here to see our current volunteering opportunities

Volunteer Feedback

"I would like to thank the Hampton Trust for the wonderful mentoring training facilitated by Karen Jordan last January and February. Karen is an outstanding trainer, I have learned so much from her. She dedicated all her time to the class and she was well prepared. Her teachings were a true learning experience. The information was presented and reviewed in a way that all participants gained knowledge. Karen's expertise was valuable beyond the information presented. The exercises were well thought and well conducted. The topics were fantastic and they really gave me the opportunity to have a closer look to some aspects of my life and improve myself as a person. I would define this training as a real experience of self-development, it was extremely enlightening. Great training with a great trainer. Thank you!"


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