Volunteers have always played a key role in the services we provide, and continue to be crucial to the support we offer. Each member of The Hampton Trust team works together to make a difference to the lives of children, young people, women, men and families across the UK.

At The Hampton Trust, we offer all our volunteers a unique opportunity to participate in our Volunteers Training Programme which provides a comprehensive insight into the ins and outs of working with issues around domestic abuse.

The Hampton Trust offers a range of volunteering opportunities suitable for all backgrounds, skill sets & interests.

We always do our best to ensure that volunteering opportunities are as flexible as they can be, and we are happy to talk through enquiries from those seeking a commitment of a few hours a week, to those looking for full-time placements.

Volunteering Roles

Domestic Abuse Safety Volunteer

Main Aims of the Role To assist the Domestic Abuse Safety Advisor (DASA) team to ensure the smooth running of a busy victim/survivor safety service. To help increase the safety of victims/survivors whose (ex) partners are engaged in the perpetrator service. To provide information and signposting in order to empower victims/survivors and to access services […]

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Perpetrator Engagement Volunteer

Main aims of the Role To assist the Domestic Abuse Practitioner team to ensure the smooth running of a busy perpetrator service. To help increase engagement of individuals who access the perpetrator service. To engage individuals to motivate and encourage them to attend interventions and to help reduce numbers of people falling out of the […]

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The Hampton Trust Champion

The Hampton Trust Champions will assist the trust in building and managing relationships and helping the trust develop its presence within the local and wider community

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